Revo TCU Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance software for MQB DSG DQ250 6 speed

Improved engine performance from Revo ECU Software means that the stock shift points do not give you the maximum potential that your car has to offer. ...

Performance 99 Tuned upgrade, through software and hardware tuning VW Passat CC (35) 2.0TSi 200Ps

Revo Technik Stage 2 +85-93Ps/+145-176Nm, Turbo-back inc. Hi-Flow Sport Cat ...

Revo DSG (DQ250) Stage 1 & Stage 2 performance software for VAG models Mk6 using engines 2.0TFSi/TSi and 2.0TDi CR

The Revo Performance DSG Stage 1 & Stage 2 DSG/S-Tronic (DQ250) Gearbox Software has been carefully calibrated to work with our Revo performance engine software TFSi/TSi/TDi CR optimising the launch c ...

New development of Revo Technik Stage 1 & 2 ECU software (chip tuning remap) for 4.0TFSi V8 560Ps/520Ps engines for Audi RS6 & RS7 (C7) and Ausi S8 (D4)

With inbuilt fuel octane modes to suit A95H, A97H and A98H/A99H quality fuel you have the ability to maximise the potential of the vehicle for your conditions and the fuel quality being used. With clo ...

Revo Technik Stage 2 Performance Software Release for Audi S3 (8V), Seat Leon Cupra (5F) and VW Golf VII R

Stage 2 software is the next level and allows you to use a full turbo back performance exhaust along with other hardware modifications without having any detrimental effects. Our calibration and devel ...

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Welcome to Performance 99 Tuned - company specialized in car tuning. On the Bulgarian market we offer a comprehensive range of quality products and services from the best and most innovative companies (Revo Technik, Milltek Sport, Osir Design and others) in the world, in the field of:
- Performance software development (chip tuning, remap, flash DSG
- Carbon exterior and interior tuning
- Sports exhaust systems from stainless steel and titanium
- Turbo and superchargers kits
- Intake kit and intake system from carbon fiber
For Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and others brands.